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Article Detail - JD DME

Maintenance and Servicing

Original Effective Date: 02/01/2000
Revision Effective Date: 11/07/2013

Maintenance and servicing for capped rental items is covered when 15 monthly rentals have been paid and 180 days have elapsed from the end of the last rental month or the last maintenance and servicing claim. Also the item must continue to be medically necessary and in use by the beneficiary. We have determined that some claim messages sent to suppliers may have been misleading. The claims involved have been identified using the following criteria:

  • A rental month denied because the rental period had expire
  • At least one maintenance and servicing claim was paid
  • Subsequent maintenance and servicing claim was denied because 15 rental months has not been paid.

These claims are being reviewed as a special project for possible payment. This project began January 15, 2000, and will continue until all identified claims are reviewed. Suppliers may see multiple payments over the course of the review period. Since we have already identified the claims involved, it is not necessary for suppliers to contact our office for claims to be reconsidered.

Watch for additional information regarding this issue in the Spring DMERC Dialogue.

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