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Article Detail - JD DME

New National Drug Codes (NDCs) for Etoposide

Original Effective Date: 12/12/2002
Revision Effective Date: 11/01/2013

Suppliers are instructed to bill oral anti-cancer drugs to the DMERCs using the appropriate National Drug Code (NDC) number. Two additional NDC numbers have been added for etoposide products:

  • Etoposide, 50mg, oral NDC #00378-3266-94, (Mylan)
  • Etoposide, 50mg, oral NDC #51079-0965-05, (UDL)

The approval dates of Medicare coverage for the above sources of the drug etoposide are October 29, 2001 for UDL and November 15, 2001 for Mylan.

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