RETIRED - Billing Reminder - Arformoterol (Brovana) Number of Units


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Posted September 09, 2011

Arformoterol inhalation solution (J7605) is a long-acting bronchodilator with beta-adrenergic stimulatory effect and is used for the management of obstructive pulmonary disease (ICD-9 diagnosis codes 491.0-508.9).

Suppliers must be sure that they use the correct billing units when calculating the number of units of service to enter on the claim.

Aformoterol is allowed twice per day for a total of 30mcg per day (2 units per day). Units should not exceed 2 per day, per patient. Each unit is 15 mcg.

When billing Arformoterol (J7605), two vials/units x number of days in the month = the maximum number of units.

The maximum number of units per month for Arformoterol (J7605) is 62 (930 mcg.).

Drug Name HCPCS Unit of Service(UOS) Maximum/month Maximum UOS/month
Arformoterol J7605 15 mcg 930 mcg/month 62


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