RETIRED - E2399 - Power Wheelchair - Not Otherwise Classified Interface

IMPORTANT: THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS OUTDATED INFORMATION.Content Provided on this page contains outdated information and instruction and should not be considered current. Noridian is providing this archived information for research purposes only. This archived article contains previously issued instructions that have since been updated or are no longer applicable for Medicare billing purposes.

Article retired due to content incorporation into the applicable Local Coverage Determination or related Policy Article.

Code E2399 describes an interface for a power wheelchair drive control system that is not described by any other HCPCS code. At the time of initial issue of a power wheelchair, this code would only be used for very uncommon types of drive control mechanisms – e.g., a fiber optic switch array.

The DME MAC receives a number of claims in which code E2399 is used for various joystick "upgrades", including but not limited to the Pride Mobility Products Q-Logic Drive Control System or the Permobil R-net Remote Joystick. This is incorrect coding. Code E2399 (or K0108 – wheelchair component or accessory, not otherwise specified) must never be used for a component or feature of a joystick at the time of initial issue of a wheelchair.

Reimbursement for a standard proportional remote joystick with a non-expandable controller is included in the allowance for a power wheelchair base. When a joystick with an expandable controller is provided at the time of initial issue, the following two codes are billed:

  • E2313 - Power wheelchair accessory, harness for upgrade to expandable controller, including all fasteners, connectors, and mounting hardware, each
  • E2377 - Power wheelchair accessory, expandable controller, including all related electronics and mounting hardware, upgrade provided at initial issue

The reimbursement for these two codes includes payment for any additional "upgrade" component or feature of a proportional or nonproportional joystick. Although separate billing is discouraged, if a supplier elects to bill separately, code A9900 (Miscellaneous DME supply, accessory, and/or service component of another HCPCS code) must be used.

Claim lines for E2399 billed at the time of initial issue of a power wheelchair for an "upgrade" of a joystick or other drive control interface will be denied as not separately payable if they are billed with E2313 and/or E2377. If E2313 and E2377 are not billed, code E2399 will be rejected as incorrect billing.

Refer to the Wheelchair Options and Accessories Policy Article for definitions of expandable and non-expandable controllers and various types of drive control interfaces. The Policy Article also contains guidance concerning the use of code E2399 for replacement components.

Suppliers should contact the Pricing, Data Analysis, and Coding contractor (PDAC) for questions concerning the correct coding of specific products.


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