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Article Detail - JD DME

RETIRED - Knee Orthoses - Locking Mechanisms

IMPORTANT: THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS OUTDATED INFORMATION.Content Provided on this page contains outdated information and instruction and should not be considered current. Noridian is providing this archived information for research purposes only. This archived article contains previously issued instructions that have since been updated or are no longer applicable for Medicare billing purposes.

Retired on January 1, 2006 due to code update.

Original Effective Date: 12/12/2003
Revision Effective Date: 11/01/2013

Effective for dates of service on or after January 1, 2004, the description of code L2405 is revised as follows:

  • L2405 - Addition to knee joint, lock; drop, stance or swing phase, each joint

This code includes not only simple drop locks that the patient must lift to unlock the knee but also includes other manual locks, including but not limited to the Becker G-Knee and Becker Load Response Knee, as well as locks that automatically unlock in response to the patient's gait, including but not limited to the Basko (Fillauer) Swing Phase Lock, Becker UTX knee joint, Becker E-Knee, Horton Stance Control Orthotic Knee Joint, and Otto Bock Free Walk knee joint. Code L2999 must not be used to code these knee joints.

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