RETIRED - Previously Deleted Code Reminder


Content Provided on this page contains outdated information and instruction and should not be considered current. Noridian is providing this archived information for research purposes only. This archived article contains previously issued instructions that have since been updated or are no longer applicable for Medicare billing purposes.

Article retired due to content incorporation into the applicable Local Coverage Determination or related Policy Article.

Original Effective Date: 01/01/2000
Revision Effective Date: 11/01/2013

According to the Respiratory Assist Devices (RAD) policy, which became effective October 1, 1999, codes E0452 and E0453 were deleted. If dates of service for codes are on or after October 1, 1999, they will be denied with ANSI reason code B18 (claim/service denied because this procedure code/modifier was invalid on the date of service or claim submission. Please re-submit with the correct procedure code).


Last Updated Dec 11 , 2023