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RETIRED - Urological Supplies - Extension of A4353 Coding Guideline Effective Date to March 20, 2011

IMPORTANT: THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS OUTDATED INFORMATION.Content Provided on this page contains outdated information and instruction and should not be considered current. Noridian is providing this archived information for research purposes only. This archived article contains previously issued instructions that have since been updated or are no longer applicable for Medicare billing purposes.

Article retired due to content incorporation into the applicable Local Coverage Determination or related Policy Article.

Posted March 04, 2011

The December 2010 update to the Urological Supplies LCD and Policy Article contained a revision of the coding guidelines for A4353 (INTERMITTENT URINARY CATHETER, WITH INSERTION SUPPLIES) with an effective date of 02/04/2011. Based upon questions about the correct application of the guideline, the instruction was revised to clarify the correct coding instruction. This revision was released in early February and retained the 02/04/2011 effective date. We have recently become aware that some suppliers were not able to meet this date and remain in compliance with the coding guideline.

We are sensitive to the ongoing needs of Medicare beneficiaries and do not wish to impose an undue burden upon them should a supplier be unable to ship A4353 supplies timely. With this consideration, the DME MAC medical directors will extend the effective date of the A4353 coding decision to claims with dates of service on or before March 20, 2011, in effect granting an additional 45 days notice from the original effective date of February 04, 2011. For claims with dates of service on or after March 21, 2011 items provided and billed under HCPCS code A4353 must be in compliance with the coding guidelines described in the Policy Article for Urological Supplies.

Refer to the Urological Supplies LCD and Policy Article for additional information.


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