Suggested Abbreviations When Reporting Additional Documentation Notations in the ANSI and NCPDP Formats

Revised April 19, 2013

NHIC, Corp. has adopted the following list of abbreviations to assist the supplier community when submitting additional documentation information electronically in the HIPAA-compliant format. The data elements in the HIPAA-compliant electronic formats only hold 80 characters for additional documentation notations. As a result, DME MAC Jurisdiction A has adopted the following "suggested list" of abbreviations for suppliers to use in order to maximize the effectiveness of the limited space in the note segments. These abbreviations may be used in the NTE 2400 or NTE 2300 segments in the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) format, and the National Council of Prescription Drug Program (NCPDP) field 498-PP.

This "suggested list" of abbreviations contains the most common types of documentation and notations submitted to Jurisdiction A.

Note: Suppliers should always enter the most pertinent documentation information for the equipment/service being provided.


Abbreviation Definition Abbreviation Definition
ABN Advance Beneficiary Notice MISC K0108 or E1399
AD Added Documentation Sent MS Maintenance/Service
ADMC Advanced Determination of Medical Coverage MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
ADMD Admit Date MWC Manual Wheelchair
ANND Anniversary Date NDX New Diagnosis Code
BIS Break In Service ODX Old Diagnosis Code
BBR Broken Beyond Repair PUR Purchased
DISD Discharge Date PO Patient Owned
DLD Delivery Date PUD Pick Up Date
DOP Date of Purchase PWC Power Wheelchair
DOS Date of Service RPL Replacement
EQ Equipment RPR Repair
FFS Fee-For-Service SD Surgery Date
GT CL BE Greater Clinical Benefit SRL Serial Number
IC Requesting Individual Consideration TENS 2L or 4L TENS 2 Leads or 4 Leads
MDL Model Number UTS Units
MFG Manufacturer Number WC Wheelchair


Last Updated Jan 08 , 2018