Initial Wound Evaluation for Surgical Dressings

For initial wound evaluations, the treating practitioner’s medical record, nursing home, or home care nursing records must specify:

  • The type of qualifying wound (see Surgical Dressings Policy Article A54563); and,
  • Information regarding the location, number, and size of qualifying wounds being treated with a dressing; and,
  • Whether the dressing is being used as a primary or secondary dressing or for some noncovered use (e.g., wound cleansing); and,
  • Amount of drainage; and,
  • The type of dressing (e.g., hydrocolloid wound cover, hydrogel wound filler, etc.); and,
  • The size of the dressing (if applicable); and,
  • The number/amount to be used at one time; and,
  • The frequency of dressing change; and,
  • Any other relevant clinical information.

This information can be found in the Surgical Dressings Policy Article A54563.


Last Updated Apr 18 , 2023