NMP Adds Additional Information to Claim Status and Same or Similar Results for DME Users

Effective December 14, 2018, Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) DME users will be able to access enhanced results on Claim Status and Same or Similar inquiries.

Claim Status results will now include a hyperlink on the returned HCPCS codes that were submitted on the claim. The link will display the rental counts and the Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) status on the item.

The enhancements being made to the Same or Similar inquiry include:

  • Option 1 - Results will display Rental Counts, Recertification/Revised Date and a valid or denied CMN status.
  • Option 2 - RT and LT modifiers may be used to sort the results on a range of codes

View the Claim Status and Same or Similar sections of the NMP User Manual for more information.


Last Updated Feb 27, 2019