Osteogenesis Stimulator KF Modifier Use

In general terms, an ultrasonic osteogenesis stimulator is a noninvasive device. It's applied to the surface of the skin at a fracture site. The device emits low intensity, pulsed ultrasound waves via a conductive coupling gel to stimulate fracture healing.

There are three different stimulators E0747, E0748 and E0760. Each of these codes has different coverage criteria per the Local Coverage Determination (L33796). These criteria will need to be established for the Osteogenesis Stimulator to be found medically necessary.

These devices codes are classified by the Food and Drug Administration as Class III devices. Therefore, the KF modifier must be appended to all claims for codes E0747, E0748 and E0760. If the claim line is billed without a KF modifier, that claim will be rejected as missing information. The Modifier Lookup Tool can help determine which modifiers are appropriate to use when billing these codes.

Last Updated May 09 , 2022