Surgical Dressings Resources

The Noridian website offers many tools for suppliers on the Surgical Dressings webpage.

The tools include:

  • Local Coverage Determination
  • Policy Article
  • Standard Documentation Requirements for All Claims Submitted to DME MACs
  • Clinician checklist
  • Clinician letter
  • Documentation checklist
  • Reference chart (which surgical dressings are covered for various wound depths and exudates, along with Medicare’s recommended frequency of change coverage information)
  • Tips on documentation, modifiers, HCPCS codes for multiple policies, and supplies

Under Educational Resources on the left side of the page, the following are available (not all-inclusive):

  • Denial Code Resolution
  • DME on Demand Tutorials (A1-A9 Modifiers; Gradient Compression Stockings and Wraps; Coverage Criteria; Medical Records; Orders; Refill Requirements; L200)
  • Surgical Dressings Tools (Exudate and Wound Depth Lookup Tool; HCPCS Lookup Tool; Surgical Dressings Type Lookup Tool)


Last Updated Sep 07 , 2023