YOUR Survey Comments Making a Difference September-December 2021

Thank you for helping US improve YOUR education! We review every survey comment from our suppliers. Look what we did in response to YOUR webinar surveys.

  • In answer to requests for MORE entry level information, we wrote an article titled, “Top Activities a New Supplier, Biller, or Website Visitor Should Complete.” This ran on Facebook and our website from October-December. The article provided links to our New Supplier New Biller and DME on Demand Tutorials webpages.
  • A tutorial was created and posted on Noridian’s YouTube channel called “Navigating Noridian’s Website.” This tutorial shows how to subscribe to our education email, the basics of navigating the website, and available tools.
  • When suppliers couldn’t locate the survey link during webinars, instead of just describing it, we created a Survey Link slide for our webinars SHOWING the location.
  • In response to POSITIVE comments when we showed features on our website, we now LOOK for opportunities to take you there and show you around during our webinars.
  • When you mentioned you thought CHANGE would be good, a resource slide was added to webinars detailing how to submit an LCD Reconsideration with a link to our webpage.

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