Common Abbreviations to Use as Narratives

Due to the limitation of space on the 1500 Form/Item 19 and the 2400/NTE segment there are some common abbreviations that can be used when submitting paper and electronic claims. The list below contains common abbreviations to use.

Abbreviation Brief Description
30 day 30 day supply or 1 month supply
90 day 90 day supply or 3 month supply
ABN Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage
AD Added Documentation Sent
ADMD Admit Datenk
ADMC Advance Determination of Medicare Coverage
ANND Anniversary Date
BBR Broken Beyond Repair
BENE Beneficiary
BIB Break in Billing
BIN Break in Need
BIS Break in Service
CPM Continuous Passive Motion
DLD Delivery Date
DOD Date of Discharge
DOP Date of Purchase
DOS Date of Surgery/ Date of Service
EQ Equipment
FFS Fee-For-Service
GT CL BE Greater Clinical Benefit
IC Requesting Individual Consideration
IOL Intraocular Lens
MDL Model Number
MFG Manufacturer Number
MISC K0108 or E1399
MS Maintenance and Servicing
MSRP Manufacturer's suggested Retail Price
MWC Manual Wheelchair
NDX New Diagnosis Code
NOS Number of Services
OD Onset Date
ODX Old Diagnosis Code
PO Patient Owned
POS Place of Service
PUD Pick Up Date
PU Pick Up
PUR Purchased
PWC Power Wheelchair
RPL Replacement
RPR Repair
SD Surgery Date
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SRL Serial Number
TENS-2L 4L TENS - 2 Leads or 4 Leads
UTS Units
WC Wheelchair


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023