Billing Reminder for Mounting Hardware - HCPCS E1028

DMEPOS suppliers are encouraged to use the following reminders for appropriate billing of wheelchair mounting hardware.

E1028: Wheelchair accessory, manual swingaway, retractable or removable mounting hardware for joystick, other control interface, or positioning accessory.

The Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Wheelchair Options, Accessories, and Seating states: "One example (not all-inclusive) of a covered indication for swing away, retractable, or removable hardware (E1028) would be to move the component out of the way so that a patient can perform a slide transfer to a chair or bed."

Since this code encompasses various types of hardware, suppliers must add a description for each E1028 billed.

Example: When billing E1028 for a joystick, it is recommended suppliers add the comment "retractable joystick mounting".

In addition, the description provided should coincide with a corresponding HCPCS that requires or can accommodate specialty hardware.

Example: When billing an E1028 for swing away lateral support hardware, the corresponding code for lateral supports should be on the same claim. If the billing order does not allow this, then the corresponding code must be in the billing history for the E1028 to be paid.

Suppliers are reminded that mounting hardware, fixed, is not separately payable.

Suppliers are encouraged to read the entire LCD and policy article for Wheelchair Options and Accessories and Wheelchair Seating for additional coverage, coding and documentation requirements.

This is a revision of an article originally published in 2010.


Last Updated Jun 16 , 2019