Multi-Factor Authentication Required on Noridian Medicare Portal - Beginning April 1, 2017

Beginning April 1, 2017, the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) will require a multi-factor authentication (MFA) process for new users each time you log in. MFA adds a second layer of security to your NMP account. The MFA process issues a one-time passcode that will be delivered to you via email, voice phone call or text message (SMS). By adding this additional security feature, your NMP account will remain secure even if your password is obtained by someone else without your knowledge.  

Due to the nature of the information obtained in NMP, the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has informed all Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) that this feature is mandatory. Noridian is taking a "phased" approach which will ensure all NMP users are in compliance before the September 30, 2017 deadline.

Users will be required to provide up to two additional methods, or factors, for authentication when accessing NMP. The first method is the email address that is currently on your NMP account. The additional delivery methods available are voice phone call and text message (SMS). Noridian requires at least two methods to provide a backup delivery method if you are not able to use your primary or default method. After enrollment in MFA has been completed, each time you log into the portal, you will need to provide your Username, password and the one-time passcode received via email, voice phone call or text message.

When this change will affect you:

New users registering on or after April 1, 2017:

For new users registering for an NMP account on or after April 1, 2017, enrolling in MFA will no longer be an option, but part of the normal registration process. You will be prompted to set up your MFA verifications, and each time you log in you will be sent a one-time passcode to use.

Current NMP users:

If you are a current NMP user, you can continue to log in as per usual. As part of our "phased" approach, you will receive an email one week in advance, informing you of the date you will be required to use MFA with each login. On the date noted in that email, NMP will prompt you to set up your MFA verifications and each time you log in you will be sent a one-time passcode to use.

Additional information and instructions are provided on the Noridian Medicare Portal page of your Jurisdictions Noridian website. Users may also contact Noridian User Security at the below phone numbers.

  • Jurisdiction A: 866-419-9458
  • Jurisdiction D: 877-320-0390
  • Jurisdiction E: 855-609-9960
  • Jurisdiction F: 877-908-8431

Last Updated Mar 30, 2017