Self-Service Reopenings Through Noridian Medicare Portal - More Options Available!

Noridian has expanded the Self Service Reopening options in the portal! This functionality allows real-time adjustments for claim corrections. Simply select Self Service Reopening under Related Inquiries after the claim you would like to correct has been selected. This will take you through the four-step process and provide a confirmation number associated to the new claim.

The following types of reopenings can now be made:

  • Add, replace or remove diagnosis codes
  • Add or replace modifiers
  • Reprocess a claim
  • Update submitted billed amount
  • Update procedure code and billed amount
  • Update procedure code, modifier, and billed amount
  • Update units and billed amount
  • Update units, modifier, and billed amount
  • Update date of service
  • Updated place of service (can only be changed to 12 for DMEPOS)

Reopenings are available for claims that meet the following criteria:

  • No adjustment has been previously made on claim
  • No redetermination has been made on claim
  • Claim has not been under review
  • Claim is not unprocessable (MA130 remark code)
  • Reason for denial is not too complex and documentation is not needed
  • Claim is not paid
  • Claim was processed within one year
  • Claim is finalized

After the reopening has been submitted, End Users may view the adjustment through the Claim Status option.

See the User Manual and self-paced tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

For assistance with this function, call the Contact Center at 877-320-0390.


Last Updated Aug 09, 2018