December 2022

A listing of the individual articles included in the JD DME Happenings, dated December 2022 is provided. Each article title functions as a hyperlink to open to specific article.

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2022 HCPCS Code Update - October Edition - Correct Coding
Basics of Choosing the Correct HCPCS Code - Correct Coding
Beneficiary Owned Information Missing
Billing for Custom Fitted Orthotics When No Custom Fitting Is Completed With No Off-the-Shelf Equivalent
Billing Instructions - Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Claim Information Can Be Found on the Noridian Medicare Portal
CMN and DIF Elimination - Correct Coding and Billing
Comment Period Closes November 19, 2022 for the Proposed Glucose Monitors LCD
DMEPOS Fee Schedule: October 2022 Quarterly Update CR12918
Electronic Supplier Visits are Available Once Again
Eliminating Certificates of Medical Necessity & Durable Medical Equipment Information Forms - January 1, 2023
Enteral Nutrition - Oral Intake
Exceptions to ASP Payment Methodology - Claims Processing Manual Changes CR12854
External Infusion Pumps - Medical Record Documentation Requirements
Face-to-Face Encounter Must Occur Prior to Written Order Prior to Delivery (WOPD)
Find Upper Limb Correct Coding in a Joint Medical Director Article
If You Supply Off-the-Shelf Back or Knee Braces, You May Be in a Competitive Bid Area
Important Place of Service Information for Physician/Practitioner Who is Also a Supplier
Inpatient Denials with Reason Code 109, Remark Code N418 Continues to be One of the Top Denials
LCD and Policy Article Revisions Summary for November 17, 2022
LCD Revisions Summary for September 8, 2022
Medically Unlikely Edit for J1559
Medicare Deductible, Coinsurance & Premium Rates: Calendar Year 2023 Update CR12903
MLN Connects - November 1, 2022
MLN Connects - November 10, 2022
MLN Connects - November 17, 2022
MLN Connects - November 23, 2022
MLN Connects - November 3, 2022
MLN Connects - October 13, 2022
MLN Connects - October 20, 2022
MLN Connects - October 27, 2022
MLN Connects - October 31, 2022
MLN Connects - October 6, 2022
MLN Connects - September 1, 2022
MLN Connects - September 12, 2022 - Updated COVID-19 Vaccines Providing Protection Against Omicron Variant Available at No Cost
MLN Connects - September 15, 2022
MLN Connects - September 22, 2022
MLN Connects - September 29, 2022
MLN Connects - September 8, 2022
Nebulizer Drug Calculator Tool Does All the Work
Noridian Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Self-Paced Tutorials
Noridian Offers a Buffet of Surgical Dressings Self-Paced Tutorials
October 2022 Quarterly ASP Medicare Part B Drug Pricing Files and Revisions to Prior Quarterly Pricing Files CR12788
Only One "Claim" Can Be Processed Through the Noridian Medicare Portal at One Time
Open Meeting Agenda - Glucose Monitors Proposed Local Coverage Determination
Open Meeting Announcement - Glucose Monitors Proposed Local Coverage Determination (LCD)
Oxygen Equipment Cannot Be Purchased
Panzyga® (Immunoglobulin Intravenous (Human), 10%) Correct Coding and Coverage - Revised
Parenteral Nutrition - Documentation Requirements
Phase 3 of Prior Authorization is Right Around the Corner
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