Medical Director Articles - 2013 and Prior

The term "article" is used to describe any bulletin article, web site article, educational handout or any other non-LCD document intended for public release that contains coverage/coding statements or medical review related billing or claims considerations.

Articles address local coverage, coding or medical review related billing and claims considerations, and may include any newly developed educational materials, coding instructions or clarification of existing medical review related billing or claims policy.

These articles are written collaboratively by all DME MAC Medical Directors and posted on all DME MAC websites.

Last Updated Aug 09 , 2018
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Articles Source
Ostomy Support Belts - Correct Coding DMD
Pearls for Ordering Oxygen DMD
Perianal Fecal Collection Pouch - Code A4330 DMD
Physician Letter - Artificial Limbs DMD
Physician Letter - Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) DMD
Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices - Supplier Frequency Asked Questions - REVISED November 2010 DMD
Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices - Supplier Frequently Asked Questions - REVISED - May 2012 DMD
Power Mobility Devices - 7-Element Order DMD
Power Wheelchair Electronics Clarification DMD
Power Wheelchair Rental - Frequently Asked Questions - UPDATED June 2011 DMD
Prostheses and Orthoses Related to a Hospital Stay DMD
PWK Segment DMD
Quarterly Update for Home Health Consolidated Billing (CB) DMD
Reasonable Useful Lifetime - Clarification DMD
Reasonable Useful Lifetime and Duplicate Items - Billing Reminder DMD
Reminder - Home Prothrombin Time Monitoring for Anticoagulation Management -Not Covered by the DMERC DMD
Reminder - National Mail Order Suppliers and Testing Supplies DMD
Reminder - Replacement of Power Mobility Devices DMD
Reminder - Unprocessable (Return/Reject) Claims Must Be Resubmitted DMD
Repair Labor Billing and Payment Policy DMD