Policy Article Revisions Summary for February 29, 2024

Joint DME MAC Publication
Posted February 29, 2024

Outlined below are the principal changes to the DME MAC Policy Article (PA) that has been revised and posted. The policy included is Surgical Dressings. Please review the entire Local Coverage Determination (LCD) and related PA for complete information.

Surgical Dressings


Revision Effective Date: 01/01/2024
Revised: Examples of when to use A1-A9 modifiers, as clarification
Revised: "on a surgical or debrided wound" to "on a qualifying surgical or debrided wound" in regard to A1-A9 modifier usage, as clarification
Revised: "number of wounds" to "number of qualifying wounds" in regard to A1-A9 modifier usage, as clarification

02/29/2024: At this time the 21st Century Cures Act applies to new and revised LCDs which require comment and notice. This revision is to an article that is not a local coverage determination.

Note: The information contained in this article is only a summary of revisions to the LCDs and/or PAs. For complete information on any topic, you must review the LCDs and/or PAs.

With the update(s) listed above, Noridian would like to remind users how to find the policy that was previously effective. When billing, the supplier should follow guidance that was effective on the date of service. The below steps can be followed to find all previous policies:

  1. Open the currently effective policy on the Medical Coverage Database (MCD)
    1. Links to the MCD can be found on the Active LCDs page on the Noridian website
      1. There is a link at the top of the Active LCD page that goes to a full list of the LCDs or PAs, depending on which link is selected OR
      2. There are direct links to all LCDs under the ‘LCD ID number and Effective Date’ column
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the policy
  3. Find the section labeled Public Version(s)
  4. Look for the link to the policy that was effective on the dates of service in question.
  5. Click on hyperlink to go to the policy.
Last Updated Feb 29 , 2024