Correct Coding - Vibration Therapy Devices

Vibration therapy is the application of a vibratory stimulation to the body. It can be applied as in a variety of ways, ranging from whole-body vibration to stimulation of local areas such as joints, hands, face, etc. (not all-inclusive). It is promoted as a treatment for numerous conditions such as arthritis, joint swelling, headache, neuropathic pain, restless legs, etc. (not all-inclusive).

Equipment which is primarily and customarily used for a nonmedical purpose may not be considered "medical" equipment for which payment can be made under the Medicare program. This is true even though the item has some remote medically related use. Vibration devices are considered to be massage modalities. As such they are not eligible to be classified as Durable Medical Equipment. Claims for these items must be coded using:

  • A9270: Non-Covered Item or Service

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Last Updated Jun 26 , 2018