Written Order Prior to Delivery - Corrections to Document

Written order prior to delivery (WOPD) is a long-standing statutory requirement for certain items of durable medical equipment (DME). The list of items subject to WOPD was expanded by the Affordable Care Act §6407. Medicare policy stipulates that a WOPD that is missing an element is not "curable" by a provider (i.e., a provider cannot make corrections to a WOPD) except as outlined below. 

  • If errors in the WOPD are found prior to delivery, the supplier has two options:
    • The WOPD may be properly amended following the guidance in the Program Integrity Manual (Internet-Only Manual, Publ. 100-08), Chapter 3, Section; or,
    • A new WOPD may be created and sent to the physician for signature and date. 
  • If errors in the WOPD are found after delivery of the item, the supplier has two options:
    • If the error is discovered prior to claim submission, the original supplier may recover the delivered item(s), obtain a compliant, complete  WOPD and then may re-deliver the item(s) to the beneficiary; or,
    • If the error is discovered after submitting a claim, the original supplier can recover their items and a new supplier must complete the transaction after complying with all requirements.

Because WOPD is a statutory requirement, claims denied because of a defective WOPD result in a beneficiary liability determination. Suppliers are strongly encouraged to review their WOPD documentation carefully prior to delivery to ensure that all the requirement elements are present on the document.

Last Updated Nov 04 , 2016