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Reason Code 16 | Remark Codes M51 N350 - JD DME

Reason Code 16 | Remark Codes M51 N350

Code Description
Reason Code: 16 Claim/service lacks information or has submission/billing error(s)
Remark Codes: M51 and N350
  • Missing/incomplete/invalid procedure code(s)
  • Missing/incomplete/invalid description of service for a Not Otherwise Classified (NOC) code or for an Unlisted/By Report procedure


Common Reasons for Denial

  • Narrative on claim missing information for code of item being provided or repaired

Next Step

  • Correct/update narrative and resubmit as a new claim
    • Ensure correct narrative is included with appropriate HCPCS being repaired
  • If submitted with correct narrative, and claim still denied, contact the Provider Contact Center for further research

How to Avoid Future Denials

  • Ensure all narrative element requirements are included on claim line. Narrative is added to item 19 of the 1500 claim form or the 2400/NTE segment of an electronic claim.


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