Routine periodic servicing, such as testing, cleaning, regulating, and checking of the beneficiary's equipment, is not covered. The beneficiary is expected to perform such routine maintenance rather than the supplier or some other person who charges the beneficiary. Normally, purchasers of DME are given operating manuals which describe the type of servicing an owner may perform to properly maintain the equipment. It is reasonable to expect that beneficiaries will perform this maintenance. Thus, hiring a third party to do such work is for the convenience of the beneficiary and is not covered.

However, more extensive maintenance which, based on the manufacturers' recommendations, is to be performed by authorized technicians, is covered as repairs for medically necessary equipment which a beneficiary owns. This might include, for example, breaking down sealed components and performing tests which require specialized testing equipment not available to the beneficiary.

Maintenance of purchased items that require frequent and substantial servicing is not covered.

In the initial 36 month rental period for oxygen there is no separate payment for maintenance. For beneficiaries using a stationary concentrator, portable concentrator or transfilling equipment during the 36th rental month, payment for maintenance and service (M&S) may occur no more often than every 6 months beginning no sooner than six months following the end of the rental period.

MS Six month maintenance and servicing fee for reasonable and necessary parts and labor which are not covered under any manufacturer or supplier warranty

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