2020 ICD-10 Local Coverage Determinations (LCD) and Local Coverage Article (LCA) Updates

This Local Coverage Determination (LCD) has been revised under contractor numbers: 02101 (AK), 02201 (ID), 02301 (OR), 02401 (WA), 03101 (AZ), 03201 (MT), 03301 (ND), 03401 (SD), 03501 (UT), and 03601 (WY). All LCD LCAs are titled with “Billing and Coding: LCD title”.

Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) Number: L35175 and A57215
LCD Title: MRI and CT Scans of the Head and Neck
Effective Date: October 1, 2020
Summary of Changes: The following LCA has been updated to add, revise and remove the following ICD-10 codes.

  • New/Revised ICD-10 codes
    • Revised H55.81 - Saccadic eye movements to Deficient saccadic eye movements
    • Added A84.81, A84.89, B60.01, B60.02, B60.03, B60.09, D57.03, D57.09, D57.213, D57.218, D57.413, D57.42, D57.431, D57.432, D57.433, D57.438, D57.44, D57.451, D57.452, D57.453, D57.458, D57.813, D57.818, F10.131, F10.132, F10.930, F10.931, F10.932, F11.13, F12.13, F13.131, F13.132, F14.13, F14.93, F15.13, F19.131, F19.132, G11.10, G11.11, G11.19, G40.42, G40.833, G40.834, G71.21, G71.220, G71.228, G71.29, G96.00, G96.01, G96.02, G96.08, G96.09, G96.191, G96.198, G96.810, G96.811, G96.819, G96.89, G97.83, G97.84, H55.82, M26.641, M26.642, M26.643, M26.651, M26.652, M26.653, P91.821, P91.822, P91.823, R51.0, R51.9, T86.8401, T86.8402, T86.8403, T86.8411, T86.8412, T86.8413, T86.8421, T86.8422, T86.8423, T86.8481, T86.8482, T86.8483, T86.8491, T86.8492 and T86.8493
  • Deleted ICD-10 codes
  • A84.8 - Other tick-borne viral encephalitis
  • G11.1 - Early-onset cerebellar ataxia
  • G96.0 - Cerebrospinal fluid leak
  • G96.19 - Other disorders of meninges, not elsewhere classified
  • G96.8 - Other specified disorders of central nervous system
  • R51 – Headache

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