Best Enrollment Best Practices to Assist Providers with Timely Processing

Below are common errors found when a provider is enrolling in Medicare, and the solutions to prevent those errors. Following these best practices shorten processing time frames and reduce requests for information.

  • Missing application signature.
    • Electronically sign or upload paper signature page within 48 hours after submission.
  • Missing required supporting documents such as Certifications, IRS Letters, Voided Check/Bank Letter and Diplomas.
    • Upload appropriate supporting documents at the time of application submission.
      • Once uploaded all supporting documents stay on your Medicare Enrollment for quick and easy access.
  • Non-response to a Request for Information (RFI).
    • While allowed thirty calendar days to respond to an RFI, it is always best practice to respond as quickly as possible to ensure prompt and continued processing of your application.

More information can be found in the YouTube torturial: PECOS: How to Correct and Resubmit, Submit, Delete, Continue Working and Signed.


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