Changes in PECOS E-Signature Timeline - Effective January 9, 2017

Providers will start experiencing faster rejections if they fail to submit signatures for Internet-based PECOS applications in a timely manner. A new provision, implemented on January 9, 2017, means providers have 20 calendar days to submit signatures for applications submitted in PECOS. The new deadline is part of CMS Change Request 9776.

A PECOS application is not considered "received" until all the signatures are accurately submitted. If any of the signatures are not submitted either by an e-signature or a paper certification statement, within the 20 calendar days, the application will be rejected.

This means:

  • The application has not been submitted
  • The targeted effective date for new enrollments could be missed
  • A revalidation due date may be missed

When a PECOS application is rejected due to a missing signature, providers use the "Correct & Resubmit" button to resubmit the application. Here are the steps, from the PECOS Welcome Page.

  • Select My Associates
  • Then click on "View Enrollments" located next to the enrollment record that submitted the application
  • Scroll down on the "My Enrollments Page" to find the "Correct & Resubmit" button. 

Go to the Noridian PECOS webpage to learn more about the advantages of submitting electronic applications. 

Last Updated Jan 09, 2017