Delegated Official Role Title Change to Access Manager in I&A

Starting June 8, 2020, the Identity and Access Management System (I&A) will change the title of the Delegated Official (DO) role to Access Manager (AM) throughout the I&A System.

There will not be any changes to the functions, access or privileges held by the Delegated Official role, this is simply a title change to Access Manager. The change has been made to avoid confusion between the Delegated Official in the Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS) and the Delegated Official in the I&A System.

The change has no impact on the Delegated Officials listed in PECOS or their titles. PECOS will remain unchanged. The title, requirements and functionality for the Authorized Official (AO) role in I&A will remain the same. There is no impact to users in I&A as a result of this change except for the title change mentioned above and no additional action is required.


            Last Updated Wed, 01 Jul 2020 17:55:33 +0000