Frequency of Hemodialysis LCD - R2

The following JF Local Coverage Determination (LCD) has been revised under contractor numbers 02101 (AK), 02201 (ID), 02301 (OR), 02401 (WA), 03101 (AZ), 03201 (MT), 03301 (ND), 03401 (SD), 03501 (UT), 03601 (WY). 

Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) Number: L37504
LCD Title: Frequency of Hemodialysis
Effective Date: July 1, 2019
Summary of Changes: Consistent with Change Request 10901 to remove language from CMS Internet Only Manuals (IOM) and/or regulations, list applicable manual regulation references and to remove all CPT and ICD-10 diagnosis codes from LCDs. IOM references have been updated and all codes have been placed in the companion Local Coverage Article A55676, Billing and Coding: Frequency of Hemodialysis. There will not be a lapse in coverage and there has been no change to the coverage content of this LCD.

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Last Updated Oct 14, 2019