MolDX: Corus CAD Assay - R4 - Effective June 03, 2021

This Local Coverage Determination (LCD) has been revised under contractor numbers: 02101 (AK), 02201 (ID), 02301 (OR), 02401 (WA), 03101 (AZ), 03201 (MT), 03301 (ND), 03401 (SD), 03501 (UT), and 03601 (WY).

Medicare Coverage Database (MCD) Number: L37675
LCD Title: MolDX: Corus® CAD Assay
Effective Date: June 03, 2021
Summary of Changes:

  • Under CMS National Coverage Policy added regulation CMS Internet-Only Manual, Pub. 100-02, Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 15, §80 Requirements for Diagnostic X-Ray, Diagnostic Laboratory, and Other Diagnostic Tests and §80.1.1 Certification Changes.
  • Under Summary of Evidence subheading Intended Use Population deleted the verbiage “This following assertion is still present on the sponsor’s website, accessed in November, 2017 (Corus® CAD, 2017): Corus® CAD demonstrated high sensitivity (89%) and highly negative predictive value (96%) at a score threshold <15 in the COMPASS study population in men and women.”
  • Under Bibliography changes were made to citations to reflect AMA citation guidelines. Reference #10 was deleted as it was a duplicate to reference #8.
  • Citations were updated as appropriate throughout the LCD. Formatting, punctuation, and typographical errors were corrected throughout the LCD. Acronyms were defined and inserted where appropriate throughout the LCD. Corus® was inserted throughout the LCD where applicable.

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