The Difference Between an Appeal and a Rebuttal

When a provider does not agree with an overpayment determination, they may appeal the decision. An appeal disputes the overpayment and provides documentation to show medical necessity for the procedures in question. The limitation on recoupment provision mandates that no recoupment begins when a valid and timely request for a first level or second level appeal is received.

A rebuttal does not dispute the amount of the overpayment, nor does it dispute the overpayment determination. A rebuttal permits the provider a vehicle to indicate why the proposed recoupment should not be taken at the designated time. This allows providers to submit a statement advising if the recoupment occurs, it will cause financial hardship for their facility. The contractor, based on the rebuttal statement, determines whether to delay or begin recoupment. The rebuttal process is not an appeal and does not change anything regarding the debt owed.

Internet Only Manual,(IOM), Publication 100-06, Chapter 3, Section 200.1.4:


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