NMP Offers Additional Information on Eligibility Inquiry Responses - MSP Diagnosis Code, MDPP, and MCO PBP Plan Name and Number

As of December 10, 2018, the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) has been updated to provide additional information when performing an Eligibility inquiry.

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)

  • Displays all MSP diagnosis codes, if applicable, for each MSP enrollment period

Image indicates where the MSP Diagnosis codes are located on the MSP tab.


Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP)

  • Includes MDPP Preventive Service Codes to help providers determine next available MDPP service for beneficiary

Image indicates shows the MDPP tab of the Eligibility inquiry.



  • Displays Managed Care Organization (MCO) Plan Benefit Package (PBP) number and name, if applicable to beneficiary

Image indicates where the MCO PBP Plan Number and Name will display on the HMO tab.


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