Mail and Contact - Cost Reports

Contact Information

If your concerns cannot be addressed by calling the Provider Contact Center; you may contact the Audit and Reimbursement management.

Mailing Cost Reports

The PO Box and/or courier address are available on the Mailing Addresses page of the Contact section.

  • Mail one cost report per envelope. Mailing multiple cost reports together may delay processing.
  • Mail all required items at the same time. Mailing different parts of the cost report at different times may delay processing.
  • Do not staple, paperclip or bind any of the pages.
  • A signed Worksheet S and a check will be submitted on paper, the other documentation can be placed on a disk.

Postmark of Cost Reports

Noridian will not accept a postmark from a metered postage machine unless accompanied with a postmark date from United States Postal Service (USPS). A postmark date from metered postage machine is no longer a valid postmark date. Packages containing cost reports must have a USPS postmark confirming validity of postage meter. Postmark Noridian considers postmark placed by USPS as valid, not postmark given by metered postage machine. Cost reports with a postage meter reading will be given a postmark date equal to receipt date if no USPS postmark is on package.


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