Contact Information for RAC Related Inquiries

The Noridian Provider Contact Center (PCC) can only answer general questions about the Recovery Auditor program. Medicare providers are advised to contact the Recovery Auditor directly with questions or comments concerning Recovery Auditor activities.

Contact Noridian Contact Recovery Auditor
  • Identify Recovery Auditor Adjusted Claims
  • Status of Provider Appeal
  • Setting up Refund to Medicare
  • 935 Process
  • Requests for Appeals
  • Setting up offset on Next Remit
  • Documentation Available Supporting the offset
  • Demand Letter Copy Requests
  • Review Process
  • New Issues being Reviewed
  • Address Updates for Medical Record Requests
  • Completed Medical Record Review Updates
  • Current Medical Review Status
  • Discussion Period Guidance
  • Review Results Letter Copy Requests


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Cotiviti Federal - Region 4




Recovery Auditor Email:

Do Not send Personal Health Information to this email address.


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023