NMP and IVR Financial Elements Comparison

Financial details are available within the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). To access such information, follow the below.

Self Service
Option/Functionality Authentication Requirements
NMP Financials Tax identification (ID), National Provider Identifier (NPI), Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN), and Program
IVR Option 3 - Checks NPI, PTAN, last five digits Tax ID


What information are you looking for?

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"What is the status for this check?"


NMP can only share the 50 most recent checks.

  • Check Number
  • Check Amount
  • Issue Date

NMP users can use the Remittance Advice (RA) function to see how many claims are on a check.


The IVR can provide the following information:

  • Check Issue Date
  • Check Amount
  • Check Number


Last Updated Dec 10 , 2023