Reason Code 38038

Reason Code Narrative

On Outpatient OPPS Types of Bills (12X, 13X, 14X, 34X, 75X, 76X, or any bill containing Code 07), the following condition exists:

  • A history claim is present that contains overlapping dates, with the Provider Numbers equal, and at least one-line item Date of Service is equal (for OPPS services) without
  • Condition Code 'G0' '20' or '21' present on the claim. For this condition an adjustment bill must be submitted.

Common Reason Code Errors

  • Claim submitted is duplicate of previously submitted claim and one of above-mentioned conditions exists.

Common Reason Code Corrections

  • Verify if claims should be billed separately or combined.
    • Examples of separately billable services are ambulance, repetitive, preventive.
  • Verify duplicate services have appropriate modifiers, if applicable.
  • If additional charges must be included on prior claim submit, an adjustment.
  • Do not submit a new claim.


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Last Updated Dec 30 , 2022