Reason Code 39721

Requested non-medical Additional Documentation Request (ADR) never received.

Common Reason Code Errors

A claim is being selected for review or additional documentation is needed to complete the claim, an ADR letter is generated requesting documentation submitted.

A non-medical ADR is a request for additional information necessary to adjudicate a claim that is unrelated to Noridian's medical review activities.

Documents were not received within 45 days from date of request. Except in cases of National Provider Identifier (NPI) ADRs for reason code 32105, the timeframe is 20 days.

Common Reason Code Corrections

Make ADRs a priority.

It is important to review the reason code narrative of the ADR (FISS Page 08). You may need to press F6 to view full narrative.

Review and follow instructions on the ADR letter timely

Include a copy of the ADR with your documents.

Request a Redetermination.


View reason code list, return to Reason Code Guidance page.


Last Updated Dec 30 , 2022