Repetitive Services

Services repeated over a span of time and billed with the following revenue codes are defined as repetitive services. Repetitive services are required to be billed monthly or at the end of treatment. Any items and/ or services in support of the repetitive service should be reported on the same claim (example: disposable supplies, drugs or equipment used to furnish the repetitive service).

Type of Service Revenue Code(s)
DME Rental 0290 - 0299
Respiratory Therapy 0410, 0412, 0419
Physical Therapy 0420 - 0429
Occupational Therapy 0430 - 0439
Speech-Language Pathology 0440 - 0449
Skilled Nursing 0550 - 0559
Cardiac Rehab Services 0482, 0943
Kidney Dialysis Treatments 0820 - 0859
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services 948


Report occurrence span code 74 on the monthly repetitive service bill to encompass any inpatient stay dates, day of outpatient surgery, or outpatient hospital services subject to OPPS.

If a non-repetitive OPPS service is provided on the same date of a repetitive service, report the non- repetitive OPPS service (along with any packaged and/or services related to the non-repetitive service) on a separate OPPS claim.



Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023