HPES-EDC DDE Sign On Instructions

Prior to signing into DDE, ensure the logon-id and temporary password have been received from Noridian User Security.

Logging into DDE

  1. To access HPES-EDC Selection Screen, key assigned logon-id and temporary password in appropriate field on CMS menu and press "Enter"
  2. Key new password, using criteria below, and press "Enter." System will crosscheck password and message will appear to Re-key password and press "Enter" again

Creating a Password - Required Criteria

  • Do not use passwords incorporating Global ID (NET ID)
  • Do not use any character more than twice
  • Do not use more than two numeric characters
  • Do not use only alphabetic characters
  • Password must contain a minimum of eight alphanumeric characters
  • Do not use uppercase or special characters
  • Do not use easily recognizable passwords, incorporating things such as "password," name, birth dates, names of children, or words found in a dictionary

Additional Password Standards

  • Must not change more than once in a 24-hour period
  • A password cannot be re-used within a 12-month period
  • Must change when there is a possible compromise
  • Must not be disclosed to another person
  • Must not appear in readable format when entering password for authentication
  • Must not be stored in scripts, files, or applications unless compensating controls are in place

Helpful Hints

  • Logon process will automatically terminate if three consecutive invalid password attempts are made
  • Six invalid password attempts (nonconsecutive) in one day (from 12:01 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.) will result in logon ID being disabled
  • Inactive IDs are suspended after 30 days and deactivated after 60 days
  • Due to lack of usage, a large volume of user logon Ids are deactivated. Noridian guidelines state that on third instance of requested re-activation, Noridian Management will contact the facility contact for an explanation along with user justification

NOTE: For Security purposes, the PASSWORD field will not display as it is being keyed.

Access FISS

  1. Place cursor on line next to following option depending on which State is being access and press "Enter"
  2. FISS sign on screen will appear
  3. Cursor is positioned at top left of screen at ‘W' in word WELCOME. With cursor still at the ‘W' key in FSS0 (zero), press "Enter"

Signing off FISS

  1. While at "FISS MAIN MENU" press <Pause Break> key on keyboard
  2. From SESSION SUCCESSFULLY TERMINATED screen, key word "LOGOFF" and press "Enter"
  3. Message will appear that indicates "Session Ended"
  4. FISS System has been successfully signed off

Helpful Hints

  • Must wait at least 12 months before reusing any password
  • After incorrectly keying in a password three times, system will automatically suspend id. When this occurs, contact User Security for a reset
  • To remain an active user, access CSI system at least once every 20-25 days.
    • If logon id is not used for 30 days, it will be suspended and User Security must be contacted for a reset.
    • If logon id has not been used for 60 days, it will be systematically deleted. A Medicare Claims Process Systems (MCPS) form must be submitted to have login id reinstated
  • Every 30 days, system will display a message at bottom of screen stating password has expired and a new password must be created. Create a new password to ensure access is not interrupted
  • If a password is keyed incorrectly three times, system will display a security violation message and access to system will not be allowed until password is reset. Contact User Security for all password resets


Last Updated Jan 28 , 2022