New Claim Narrative Page

Explore our latest addition - the Claim Narratives Page. This webpage is designed to assist suppliers by providing explicit guidance on crafting narratives when submitting claims. Take a moment to discover the valuable insights on our new Claim Narratives page.

A well-constructed narrative is crucial for expediting the claims processing timeline in diverse situations. When integrating a narrative into a claim, ensure it is entered in Item 19 of the 1500 hard copy claim form or the 2400/NTE segment of an electronic claim. To accommodate space constraints for narratives, consider utilizing common abbreviations when submitting both paper and electronic claims that include a narrative.

Visit our new page to delve into the various scenarios that call for a narrative in the claim process. Each scenario is conveniently linked, providing suppliers with guidance on the specific narratives required for claims.

Last Updated Dec 13 , 2023