Noridian Medicare Portal Webinars Offered

The Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) is a valuable online platform that provides users with secure access to beneficiary and claim information related to Medicare services. This self-service technology offers a range of features that can significantly streamline administrative processes for suppliers. Some of the key features and functionalities of the NMP include:

  1. Eligibility: Users can quickly verify beneficiary eligibility, ensuring that services are provided to qualified individuals.
  2. Claim Status: The portal provides detailed information about the status of claims. This includes the ability to track the progress of claims, view Additional Documentation Request (ADR) status and submissions, check Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) claim status through the Claim Identifier (CID) Status Lookup, and initiate self-service reopenings for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) claims, including recoupment requests.
  3. Appeals Status: Users can monitor the status of appeals and begin new appeal processes through the portal.
  4. Remittance Advices: Access to remittance advices enables suppliers to view payment information and gain insights into financial transactions.
  5. Financials: The NMP allows users to manage financial aspects such as identifying overpayments and accessing 1099 forms.
  6. Same or Similar (DME Only): This feature, specific to DME, aids in identifying items or services that are similar to those previously provided.
  7. Prior Authorizations (DME): For DME suppliers, the portal offers a way to manage prior authorizations efficiently.
  8. Message Center: A communication hub where users can receive and send messages related to Medicare services.

To help users make the most of this resource, Noridian Medicare Portal webinars are being offered. These webinars cover various topics, including an NMP: General Q&A Session and a focused NMP: 30-Minute Registration session for the NMP. Registration for these webinars can be completed by following the provided registration link.

In summary, the Noridian Medicare Portal offers an array of user-friendly tools that can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of administrative tasks related to Medicare services. Its secure and accessible nature makes it a valuable asset for suppliers seeking to navigate the complexities of Medicare claims and beneficiary information.

The NMP serves both Jurisdiction A and Jurisdiction D, where users can access the portal inquiry guide for information on all the functions available.


Last Updated Dec 27 , 2023