Tips for ADR Responses

In order to ensure prompt and accurate processing of faxed documentation, Noridian encourages suppliers to follow a few basic tips when responding to Additional Documentation Requests (ADR).

Responding via fax:

  • Adjust the fax machine settings to ensure the resolution of the scanned images are at the highest resolutions.
    Noridian suggests suppliers configure the settings on the fax machine being utilized to the highest resolution for optimal results. This will help ensure that the barcode on the ADR letter will be read accurately within Noridian systems when the documentation is faxed in. The process of how to change settings will depend upon the type of fax machine the supplier uses; however, Noridian suggests changing the resolution of the faxes to "Fine" or higher if the machine allows.
  • Submit the original ADR letter as the first page of each fax submission.
    Noridian urges suppliers to include the original ADR letter as the first page of a supplier's claim submission followed by any required medical records or documentation. This will ensure the barcode listed on the ADR is able to electronically align the documentation and the corresponding claim. The use of a fax coversheet may impair the scanners' ability to read the barcode.
  • Ensure the document being faxed is clear and legible.
    Noridian strongly encourages suppliers to return the original ADR letter as the first page of a faxed response as imaged copies may appear illegible. Avoid any handwritten notes on the ADR letters.
  • Submit each ADR response to the fax number listed on the ADR letter.
    When faxed responses are sent to an incorrect department, the processing and/or response time will increase.

Responding via all media:

  • Submit each individual ADR response separately.
    When multiple responses are combined into a single response, the likelihood of a delay in processing is increased.
  • Avoid submitting duplicate responses.
    Sending duplicate responses will increase the processing and/or response time.
  • Include all documents needed for an ADR response in a single submission.
    Noridian encourages suppliers to avoid submitting multiple submissions for one ADR response to avoid processing delays.

If you need additional assistance, please contact our Supplier Contact Center.


Last Updated Oct 12 , 2022