Overpayment Decision Tree

Use this decision tree to determine options for refunding Medicare overpayments.

Do you owe Medicare funds?


No Action Needed

Did you receive a demand letter?


Non-MSP - Complete in the Noridian Medicare Portal under Self Service Reopenings (DME) and then DME Recoupment Request.

MSP - Fill out an MSP Overpayment Refund Form and indicate which claim to adjust with denial reason and fax or mail to address listed on the form.

Are you refunding Medicare via a check?


When demand letter is received send refund/overpayment check to Noridian's address for Refund Checks listed on the letter. Please attach a copy of the demand letter with the check.

Are you going to offset the debt?


Interest will accrue monthly; offsets will be taken from the first eligible payment issued by Medicare. If debt is not satisfied, it will be referred to the Department of Treasury for collection.

Fill out the Immediate Recoupment Form.

(Note: In order for Noridian to process the form, all required fields must be completed.)

Last Updated Dec 10 , 2023