Self Service Reopenings (DME)

A self service reopening or recoupment request is submitted by performing a claim status inquiry first. The Self Service Reopening link is located under Related Inquiries once the claim has been retrieved.

Step 1: Selection

The first question asked will determine if a Self Service Reopening or a Recoupment Request will be completed.

"Is this an overpayment refund?"

Choose one of the following:

  • Reprocess Claim - Provides a "pop-up" box asking if you are sure you want to reprocess the claim. Choose Cancel or Submit.
  • Cancel
  • Modify Claim
    • Choose claim line(s) the adjustment will apply to
    • Choose Next

Step 2: Corrections

All fields that are able to be adjusted are opened to make corrections. Once the correction has been made, choose Next.

Step 3: Submission

Step 3 provides the user with updated claim lines based on the changes selected. Review the changes, select the checkbox to verify the changes are accurate and choose Confirm Changes.

Step 4: Confirmation

Step 4 provides the Confirmation Number of the request. This indicates the reopening was submitted and will be processed.


Last Updated Feb 21 , 2020