Login Reminder

This is the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) User Guide. To use the elements within this guide you must first be logged into the portal.


Account Management

When logged into an account, all users may update information by selecting "Manage Account" at the top of the portal.

My Profile

  • Update Personal Information such as Name, Phone Number and Email Address

Provider/Supplier Combinations

  • View the TIN/NPI/PTAN combinations already viewable on the account
  • Add New TIN/NPI/PTAN combinations
  • Remove access to a TIN/NPI/PTAN combination

Account Access and Role(s)

  • View current role
  • Request a change in role
    • Select new role under Change Role(s).
    • Confirm change by selecting "Continue with change" on popup
    • Select Add New Combination(s) button
    • Enter combination that should be on new role
  • If a Provider Administrator requests a role change to an End User, another Provider Administrator must approve this.
  • Deactivate account
    • Notification will be displayed if a request to deactivate a Provider Administrator or Vendor Administrator cannot occur because there is not another registered.
  • Update response to the question - "Are you a small Provider/Supplier?"

Security Settings

  • Change password
  • Update security questions
  • Update MFA Settings

Account History

  • View action taken on the account. This includes:
    • Creation of account
    • Functionality additions/removals
    • Combination additions/removals


Last Updated Nov 18 , 2019