Available for Part A, Part B, DME

The 1099 Inquiry allows users to download a PDF copy of their facilities 1099-MISC and/or 1099-INT tax forms issued by Noridian.

Tip The 1099 portal forms are not replacing the hard-copy mailed forms your facility will still receive. These forms are a final copy and will not be corrected if any updates are made. Corrected forms will be mailed to the facility if necessary.


  • Select Financials from the top navigation or home page and then choose the 1099 tab.
  • Choose TIN, NPI, PTAN and Program under Provider/Supplier Details
  • Choose the Financial Year


The results will display the 1099 forms applicable to the Tax ID used for the inquiry.

  • Your facility may only have one Type of Return depending on the type of payments that were issued from Noridian for that financial year.


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023