Provider Audit (Part A Only)

Available For: Part A

Allows users to check the status of a cost report submission.

Packet Status Inquiry

Allows user to query an existing cost report submission submitted via NMP or mail and upload additional documentation to a current cost report that was submitted by NMP only.


  • Choose TIN or SSN, NPI and PTAN combination under Provider/Supplier Details
  • The Program field will default to MEDA.
  • Choose Type of Upload. At this time, Cost Report is the only type of submission available.
  • Use Option 1 or Option 2 to Search
    • Both options allow review of cost report packet details and upload of supporting documentation if needed.

Option 1 - Search Packets Using Fiscal Year End Range

  • Enter From FYE and To FYE - Both fields are required
  • Choose Packet Status: Started or Completed (Optional) If left blank, all applicable packets will display. Note: The Packet Status does not indicate the Cost Report has been accepted or rejected by Noridian.
    • Started = Some required documents submitted
    • Completed = All required documents submitted and ready for Noridian review
  • Choose View Packets

Option 2 - Search Existing Packets

  • Enter Packet #
    • Only submitted packets are searchable
  • Choose View Packet Details


Option 1

  • Choose View Packet under View Packet Details to view or upload additional supporting documentation.

Option 2

  • Choose Add Supporting Documentation if additional documentation is needed.

Add Supporting Documentation

Once all required documentation has been submitted, supporting documentation may be uploaded.  Select from the drop-down menus of the document options, then browse for the file and Choose Upload.


Last Updated Nov 18 , 2019