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This is the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP) User Guide. To use the elements within this guide you must first be logged into the portal.



There are five different roles available for an NMP registration. Prior to registration, companies should discuss, within their facility, who is going to hold each role. Each person may register for one role only. All portal users must be located in the United States.

Role Description TIN/NPI Limit
Provider Administrator The "Gatekeeper". Responsible for reviewing and approving/denying End User and Vendor Administrator registrations and access requests. Provider Administrators do not have access to functionality. Provider Administrators must register first.
  • Five per Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • 25 TINs per Provider Administrator
Provider End User Provider End Users use the portal functions such as eligibility, claim status, appeals, etc.
  • No Limit
Vendor Administrator Similar to Provider Administrator role. Vendor Administrator is an optional role for facilities that wish to have their clearinghouse have access to information in the portal. Vendor Administrators do not have access to functionality.
  • Two per TIN/NPI/PTAN/Trading Partner ID combination
Vendor End User Role used by the clearinghouse to access portal functions approved by the Vendor Administrator
  • No Limit
Dual Role Access to Provider Administrator and End User Functions for small facilities (less than 25 employees). Dual Role access is approved by Noridian and is not available for vendors. Dual Role access needs to register as Provider Administrator first.
  • 25 TINS per Dual Role account


Note: Third party billers that do not directly send files to Noridian but are responsible for sending claims to the entity that will be transmitting the claims, may register as Provider End Users. A member of the provider's office must be registered as the Provider Administrator.


Last Updated Dec 09 , 2023