Remittance Advices

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Full Remittance Advice

Available For: Part A, Part B, DME

Users may view, save and print full remittance advices.


  • Select Remittance Advices from the main menu and then choose Full Remittance.
  • Choose TIN/NPI/PTAN, if needed, under Provider/Supplier Details.
  • Select one of the following options"
    • Option 1 - Request Last 30 Days of remittances issued.
    • Option 2 - Narrow the search results down by a specific date range, check amount or check number
Tip When entering the check amount, do not use the dollar sign or a comma. The only symbol allowed is the decimal point after the dollar amount. (Example: 1185.90) For no-pay remittances enter 0.0 as the check amount.


Results based on the search criteria are displayed. The date, check number, check amount and number of pages are provided. Choose "View PDF" to view the remittance advice in a PDF format. The remittance advice may be saved and/or printed.

Remittance advices over 1,000 pages will not be viewable in NMP. Providers may call Customer Service for assistance in ordering these items.


  • The portal can only display 100 remits at a time based on the search criteria.
  • Part A and DME remittance advices are only viewable in the portal if the NPI is currently receiving standard paper remits (SPR) by mail.
  • Historical remits are available going forward from January 28, 2019 for Part A and going forward from January 24, 2019 for DME.


Claim Specific Remittance Advice

Available For: Part A, Part B, DME

View and/or print remittance advice for a single claim.


  • Go to the Remittance Advice tab and choose Claim Specific Remittance.
  • Choose the TIN, NPI and PTAN, if needed.
  • Enter the ICN/DCN/CCN
    • Part A and DME remittances also require and Medicare Number.
    • Part B Remittances Only: To view patient information for a Withholding (WO), enter the 15-digit Financial Control Number (FCN) included on the Full Remittance Advice with the first two digits removed.


A copy of the claim-specific remittance advice displays. To print the remittance advice, select "Print Page". The information on this screen will vary depending on the claim. Definitions of remark and reason codes are provided on the bottom of the remittance advice.


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