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Available For: Part B, Part A, DME

View a summary of claims that may have caused an overpayment for your facility.


  • Select Financials from top navigation or home page and then Overpayment Results tab
  • Choose TIN or SSN, NPI and PTAN combination under Provider/Supplier Details
  • Users may enter in a specific Overpayment Letter Number and/or Claim Number (ICN/DCN/CCN)
  • Users can view the most recent 100 Overpayments or choose to Download a .csv file for the specific overpayment


The overpayment results page provides a summary of the supplier information that was used in the search.

Below that, the Letter Number Summary is provided. This includes:

  • Overpayment Letter Date
  • Original Overpayment Amount
  • Total Interest Accrued to Date
  • Interest Collected/Adjusted to Date
  • Total Interest Remaining Balance
  • Total Principal Remaining
  • Total Remaining Balance

The cause of Overpayment Results table will provide the Beneficiary name, Claim Number, Date of Service and Overpayment Amount. By choosing the plus symbol (+) by the CCN, additional financial information will be provided.

The Overpayment Results table may also be downloaded into a .csv file.


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